Post rehab protocols – Shoulder

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November 7, 2020 1:00 pm
A detailed review of the anatomy of the shoulder girdle sets the stage for understanding dynamic stability of the upper limb and torso. We look at each joint and muscle in the shoulder blade, collar bone and arm bone and their contribution to scapulohumeral rhythm, the coordinated movement of all three parts of the shoulder complex. We then apply this information to movement impairments of the scapula and humerus as well as common conditions of the shoulder complex and conclude with a plan of action using Pilates-based exercises and more to restore optimal function and movement. Learning objectives
  • Gain a systematic and in-depth understanding of the upper limb system.
  • Learn both methodical and creative ways to approach movement impairments in the shoulder complex.
  • Explore a variety of exercises that go beyond the Pilates repertoire and push the envelope in terms of restoring optimal function and movement.
This course is part of a series of post-rehab protocol courses for the spine, hip and knee and shoulder complex. The curriculum includes functional anatomy, assessment, critical reflection, and a step-by-step program design with innovative exercises using mat, small props and Pilates machines. The series is key for any teacher searching for new ways to observe movement patterns and offer targeted exercises. The three courses in the series can be taken individually or in any sequence.

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Post rehab protocols – Shoulder
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